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The Coach Partnership and Newfield

The Coach Partnership is one of the world’s leading transformational learning organizations, known for its globally recognized 9 month, ICF Level 2, Newfield Coach Certification program.

We have brought the Newfield suite of ontological coach training programs and ICF certification to Asia since 2010. Newfield has been the world’s leading ontological methodology since 1991, with over 65,000 graduates worldwide and is recognised as the gold standard within the ICF network of coach certification programs.

The Newfield approach is more than a coach training program, it is a journey of transformation that allows you to see yourself, others and the world through new eyes.

We support people to embody coaching as a way of life, not just a task to be done or a role to be played.

In 2019, Newfield Asia became The Coach Partnership, while still continuing to offer the same Newfield suite of professional executive coaching and coach training programs.

Over the years, in addition to aspiring and professional coaches, our coach certification program attracts people from all walks of life: Business leaders, managers, medical professionals, lawyers, education professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs and others who desire to transform not only their own results, but also the results of the people around them. People who are serious about creating results with and through other people.

ICF accredited coach training certification

Why The Coach Partnership

The Coach Partnership teach coaching and develop coaches like no other school. We use an  Ontological Coaching approach, that is both powerful and transformative. We work  in a highly interactive and experiential manner so as to make the learning experience highly engaging, mentally, physically and emotionally. We develop coaches who are able to work with clients at the level of “who they are being” not just “what they are doing”, thus enabling them to create transformational change that lasts.

Coach Certification Program
  • Our training team comprises of at least 6 global experts, each of whom specialise in their field, and is supported by a pool of highly experienced, world-class certified program coaches, who support our students in their personal journey of discovery and transformation.
  • Pragmatic, holistic and experiential, the Newfield ontological methodology is a powerful and integral approach that is at the forefront of coach training and leadership development.
  • You will first go on your own personal journey of discovery, before learning how to take clients on their own journey. This is to ensure that you truly embody the ontological coaching approach, rather than simply learn about it as a nice theory.
  • Our ontological approach to coaching enables you to generate a deep wisdom and transform your own capacity for action, while at the same time teaching you to coach and develop others in meaningful, transformational and sustainable changes.
  • Our comprehensive, in-depth 9-month coach certification program is rooted in robust multidisciplinary research to give you a unique and highly sought-after framework that serves as an internationally recognised qualification to coach others.
  • In addition to 1-1 coaching support, there are a wide range of learning modalities, including learning groups, study groups, teleseminars, mentor coaching, further recommended readings and assignments.
  • Post-graduation, our vibrant and active alumni network enables you to share resources and coaching tools as well as network with hundreds of the finest coaches in the world. This provides a highly conducive environment for continuous development and together with our regular learning events, allows you to stay at the cutting edge of the coaching profession.

Over and above a coaching certification, our coach training program helps you discover more about yourself and how you relate to the world, so that you can better take care of what matters most to you. It offers you a new perspective into what it means to lead in the 21st century, challenges you to expand the possibilities that you see for yourself and those around you, as well as equip you with new tools to succeed.


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Personal Growth

Personal growth and transformation is at the heart of all the work offered by The Coach Partnership. Our Ontological Coaching approach is specifically designed to support clients to observe their current habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Armed with this new self-awareness, clients are then able to develop their internal and external narratives and plan new strategies and actions, leading to real sustainable change. The program is very often described as “life changing”.

Personal growth & development program

Coach Training

The Coach Partnership’s flagship 9-month Newfield Coach Certification Program is the GOLD standard of coach training programs accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Level 2. Our approach to coaching gives you the opportunity to transform your worldview and expand your capacity for action, while teaching you to coach others in meaningful and sustainable change.

We introduce you to new distinctions and coaching competencies in the domain of the somatic (body), the limbic (moods and emotions) and the linguistic, bringing a fresh perspective to your coaching.

The Newfield Coach Certification (NCC) is the pathway to all levels of ICF Coach Certification.

Best coach training programs in Singapore

In addition to our flagship NCC program, we also offer:

  • Health Coach Certification program that is accredited by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).
  • Team Coach Certification program  for leaders, team managers and executive coaches who work with teams to create a culture of high performance, commitment and care.

The Coach partnership programs are delivered in English.


Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching work is handled by The Works Partnership (TWP). TWP is our sister company and has specialised in executive coaching and leadership development for over 20 years. TWP executive coaches are certified by Newfield and use the ontological coaching approach taught in our globally-recognised, 9 month, ICF Accredited, Newfield Coach Training Program.

Our coaches have a reputation for supporting their clients to create sustainable change through productive conversations. The approach focuses on exploring the client’s operating mindsets, before moving onto designing effective actions and practices. All coaching assignments are highly customised to the needs of the client (and organisation, where appropriate).

We have coaches based across the globe and are able to offer coaching in many different languages. We offer specialist health and wellness coaching and team coaching, as well as traditional 1-1 coaching.

Coaching by certified executive coaches

Corporate Leadership Development Programs

Our corporate leadership development programs are run together with The Works Partnership (TWP). TWP is our sister company, and has specialised in leadership development and executive coaching for over 20 years. The programs designed and run by TWP include the Newfield material but also many more ontological distinctions and approaches to leadership.

Should you require personal leadership development work, then the first half of the Newfield Coach Certification program is the place to begin. All of our leadership development programs are highly experiential in nature and are delivered in an engaging manner, without PowerPoint slides.

We believe that leadership is a relationship and, like any relationship, it begins with developing self-awareness. Our leadership programs have developed a reputation for being highly impactful at a personal, as well at a corporate level because we challenge participants to stand tall as authentic leaders in their life, not just their job.

Corporate leadership development programs in Singapore

Our work in this area is different from the vast majority of programs offered by other providers. This is because they focus on contextual issues such as mindset, attitude behaviour and self-limiting beliefs, as opposed to simply imparting knowledge, skills and tools. Please visit or contact us directly for more details and references.


Coach Training Testimonials

Upcoming Events & Courses

Date / timeWhat
Conference 2: 14th - 15th December 2023
(Virtual, via zoom)
Foundations In Ontological Learning (Completion)
Learn more >
Conference 2: 16th - 17th December 2023
(Virtual, via zoom)
The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM Commencement).
This program commences with a conference immediately after the closing of the Foundations course)
Learn more >
Conference 3: 16th - 19th May 2024
(In-person conference, in Singapore
The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM Completion)
Learn more >
Conference 1: 16-19 May 2024
(In-person conference, in Singapore)
Foundations In Ontological Learning (Completion)
Learn more >
Conference 2: 19-22 September 2024
(Virtual, via zoom)
The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM Commencement).
This program commences with a conference immediately after the closing of the Foundations course)
Learn more >
Conference 3: 27 February-2 March 2025
(In-person conference, in Singapore)
The Art and Practice of Ontological Mastery (TAPOM Completion)
Learn more >

Coaching FAQs

What is coaching?

Coaching can be defined as the development of a relationship that aims to have the coachee develop in an area that they identify as important to them.

What are the main types of coaching?

While you often hear about people talking about different types of coaching, here at  The Coach Partnership we primarily work with “Coaching” because our approach allows coaches to work on all sorts of different subjects in all sorts of different environments. We do also offer certifications in “Team Coaching” and “Health Coaching” for graduates and certified coaches because these areas require some additional, specialist input.

The Coach Partnership’s Coaching Training FAQs

Are there pre-requisites to attend your coaching program

There is no pre-requisite to joining the Newfield Coach Training Program.

What is your coach training approach (methodology)?

Our Coach Training Program uses an “Ontological Coaching” approach, that is both powerful and transformative. We develop coaches who can work with clients at the level of “who they are being” not just “what they are doing”, thus enabling them to create transformational change that lasts. We support people from all walks of life to embody a coaching approach as a way of life, not just a task to be done or a role to be played.

What is the format and duration of The Coach Partnership's coaching certification program?

The Newfield Coach Training Program is a 9-month program split into 2 modules. The format includes seminar/conference, discovery work consisting of further reading, linguistic, limbic and somatic exercises, study groups for participants to learn from each other, live webinars facilitated by training and coaching faculty, learning groups, personal coaching from a Newfield certified coach for up to 6 hours of coaching on any area of your life.

Why should I invest in this program, especially now?

Newfield’s Coach Training program is internationally renowned as one of the best programs in the world for becoming a certified coach or gaining coaching skills as a leader or manager.  Now is the best time to invest in re-tooling your skills, competencies, and leadership abilities so you have an edge in the marketplace. The Newfield Coach Training program deals with human relationships and this is a subject that will always be relevant and important.

What is your philosophy of coaching?

The Newfield Coach Training program is based on an “ontological” methodology. The word “ontology” means the study (“-ology”) of being (“onto”). The approach deals with coaching at a deep level, asking questions about what it means to be human and how human beings can most deeply relate to and connect with one another.

The program offers you the opportunity to explore, discover, and revisit fundamental questions about how you view the world and how that view impacts your ability to generate the experiences and results that you desire. As a result, you develop the ability to create new habits of thinking, being and acting that enhance your ability to greatly increase your personal wellbeing, ability to learn, and capacity to take creative, new steps towards your own professional and personal goals.

Our programs are rigorous and multidisciplinary in scope, calling on the best thinking and application from the fields of philosophy, biology, various sciences, cosmology, organizational development, sociology, ontology, body movement studies (somatics), emotional (limbic) learning and more.

We bring best practices from these fields and apply them to leading, living and coaching, thus resulting in greater well-being and satisfaction. In particular, our attention to moods, emotions and physiology, and how these forces affect results and well-being is unique.

After completion of the program, will I be ICF certified?

Once you have completed the program you can apply for Newfield certification, which is included in the tuition fee. You will then send two recordings of your coaching conversations, which will be assessed by Newfield’s Certification Panel against the ICF and Newfield core coaching competencies. Once you have passed Newfield’s certification, you may submit your application to the ICF to receive their ACC, PCC, or MCC certification. The ICF application requires that you also document your coaching hours, but you will not have to take the ICF coaching exam. You can find out more about the ICF credential application by visiting

Do I get individual coaching in the Newfield Coach Training Program?

Yes. You are assigned an experienced, certified Newfield coach to work with you in both modules of the program. Coaching conversations typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

ICF Accreditation & Coach Certification FAQs

How can I learn to be a coach and what do I need to become a coach?

If you wish to learn to coach to a high standard and/or professionally, then you need to find a program with a good reputation. Many programs teach you the skills of coaching, but that is not where the power of coaching lies. The power of coaching lies in the ability to build productive relationships with other human beings. The Newfield coach training program focuses on both aspects: Who you are being, as well as what you are doing when you coach.

How do I become a certified coach in Singapore?

To become a certified coach, you must successfully complete a certified coach training program. If your program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), you can then apply to be certified with ICF, the world’s largest and most widely recognised certification body, at ACC, PCC or MCC level.

The requirements to apply at the respective level are determined by (1) your number of coach experience hours; and (2) the number of contact learning hours offered by your program.  Applicants certified via an ICF Level 2 program, such as the Newfield Coach Training program can apply for PCC level, provided they have the required 500 coach experience hours.

What is coaching certification?

An ICF coach certification is a sign to the world that you have reached a certain level of competence in your coaching. You will have completed an ICF accredited training that meets their requirements and standards and follows their coaching competencies and markers. The ICF does not offer training programs themselves. They accredit training schools to deliver training on their behalf.

Depending on the program standard, certified students of the respective coaching school can submit their application to the ICF at ACC, PCC or MCC level. Your level is determined by the number of coaching hours you can demonstrate and the number of coach training hours you received in your coach training program. The Newfield Coach Training School offers the highest level of ICF accreditation: Level 2 and is widely regarded as the gold standard of coach certification.

Why coaching certification is important

Coaching certification is becoming increasingly important as a sign that you have reached a certain level of coaching competency and experience. Attaining a certification also demonstrates that you are willing to spend time and money investing in own your professional and personal development. The most widely recognised certification programs are offered by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Which coaching certification is best

The International Coach Federation offers the most widely recognised certifications. They offer 3 levels of credential:

  • ACC (100 hours of coaching experience hours + coaching program with 60 contact learning hours)
  • PCC (500 hours of coaching experience hours + coaching program with 125 contact learning hours
  • MCC (2,500 hours of coaching experience hours + 200 contact learning hours + 10 mentor coaching hours + 2 recordings for performance evaluation + PCC credential)
How long does a coaching certificate last?

The validity of a coaching certificate is dependent on the respective coaching school/program. Newfield Coach Training Program certifications do not have an expiry date. The ICF credential is renewable every 3 years.

Is getting a coaching certification important if I am currently working for an organization?

It may not be important to get a coaching certification if you are currently working for an organisation. However, if you have not received any formal coach training, it is extremely beneficial to go through a coaching program to learn the “formal” coaching skill sets and the ICF coaching competencies.

The Newfield Coach Training program begins by having participants engage in their personal development and receive coaching themselves, before moving on to learning how to coach others. This section is extremely valuable for internal coaches and line managers in organisations who want to develop their “people skills”.

Is it important to be ICF certified and do coaches need ICF accreditation?

It is highly recommended and increasingly important for professional coaches to hold a credential with the ICF.

How to select the best coach training program?

“Best” is a personal assessment, depending on your needs, however ICF Level 2 coach training program is generally the best option for those interested in certification.

Do I need certification to be a life coach

Certification is valuable wherever you choose to focus your coaching. The certification indicates not only that you have attained a certain level of experience, but also that you are willing to invest your time and money into your own personal and professional development. The Newfield Coach Training Program offers sustainable behavioural change for the coach themselves, as well as provides the tools necessary to work with clients at a deep level.

Health Coaching FAQs

What's a certified health coach?

Certified health coaches are able to hold a safe space for clients, so that they feel able to bring in their health concerns and co-create sustainable steps towards their health and wellness goals.

Additionally, our certified health coaches are trained not only in the distinctions of health and wellness coaching, but also the required ethical standards and the most important behaviour change methodologies.

What makes a good health coach?

Health Coaching is a client-centred process. A good health coach knows well how to evoke the clients’ internal motivation and leverage their strengths to confidently navigate the journey of building sustainable change.

What's the difference between a life coach and a health coach?

Health coaches focus on behaviours and mindsets that can shift the way that the client sees their world in order for them to create new actions and obtain different results in the area of health and wellness.

Life coaches focus more on broader aspects of life. But of course, health and wellness impact all aspects of life. We believe that health and wellness coaching should be an integral part of all coaching.

Why is health coaching important?

A healthy, rested, happy and fulfilled person performs well (in life and professionally). They have better relationships and are able to contribute more to society. This is an aspirational state for most, if not all of us. However, many people are unused to  taking proactive care of their health, and wait until physical symptoms and chronic lifestyle-related diseases start to occur.

Despite all the health information available online and all the risks associated with unhealthy lifestyles, many people still struggle to navigate all the obstacles associated with introducing new healthy habits. People want to be well, to feel in control of their lives and to have more energy but often feel lost as to how to go about it.

The Coach Partnership approach to health coaching focuses on a whole-person view of health and wellness and supports clients to build the necessary self-confidence to create sustainable healthy practices. With the advent of COVID-19, the importance of individuals proactively taking responsibility for their own health and wellness journey has never been greater.

How is your health coach certification program different from other training providers?

Our program integrates traditional as well as complementary medical knowledge, with the latest in behavioral change theories and ontological coaching so that you can support your clients to build and sustain health and well-being in their

Our highly experienced global faculty is joined by doctors and specialists from the fields of medicine, coaching and wellness to offer top-notch classes. They provide the space not only for learning content, but most importantly, supporting
coaches to understand how to apply this knowledge into your health coaching practice.

The Coach Partnership Health Coach Certification Program is the first in Asia certified as an approved Health and Wellness Coach Training and Education Program by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Successful graduates of the program earn the respected designation of “Certified Health Coach through The Coach Partnership.” Qualified students are also eligible to sit for examination to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (USA).

Our growing global and motivated community of students and health and wellness coaches, creates the perfect space to maintain exchange about relevant topics of health and wellness.

Team Coaching FAQs

What is the purpose of team coaching?

Team coaching continues to grow in relevance and importance. This growth is an acknowledgement that most people operate in at least one team and those teams are becoming increasingly complex, as virtual meetings, time zones, cultures and matrix organisations become the norm.

At its core, team coaching shares its purpose with 1-1 coaching: To have the coachee (in this case, the team) develop and produce the result on the goal/s that the coachee (the team) identify as important. While team coaching does share many of the same foundational elements as personal / 1-1 coaching, there are many other elements that need to be taken into account.

How do you become a team coach?

In order to become a good team coach, you should attend a high-quality development and certification program, such as the Newfield Team Coaching Certification program. This will allow you to practice under the supervision of experienced, certified team coaches as well as learn through demonstration and the introduction of ontological team coaching material, designed specifically for this program.

Why is coaching important for team performance?

Teams benefit from coaching in the same way as individuals. However talented the team (or the individual), it can be of great use to have access to a skilled coach who is not a member of the team, but who has the touchline perspective, from which to observe the team. Newfield certified coaches also possess the added ability to introduce the ontological coaching methodology to support the team.

What is the role of a team coach?

The role of a team coach is to work with the individuals within the team, and the team as a whole to develop and produce the results that they have identified as important. The Newfield certified team coach will do this by using a combination of their relationship skills (their way of being) and their coaching skills (their way of doing). It is this combination that makes the Newfield team coach especially effective.

How is your team coach certification program different from other training providers?

Our Newfield Team Coach Certification program is different because it builds on the ontological coaching methodology outlined in our coach training program and uses another team of specialist expert faculty. The program also utilises the new ICF team coaching competencies.


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