World-Class Coach Training & Coaching Certification Programs

The Coach Partnership and Newfield

The Coach Partnership is one of the world’s leading transformational learning organizations. In 2019, Newfield Asia became The Coach Partnership, while still continuing to offer the same Newfield suite of professional executive coaching and coach training programs. Our renowned coaching certification programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We use the Newfield coach training methodology to support you in a journey of discovery that challenges you to enlarge your worldview, take action aligned with what you care most about and ultimately generate results consistent with your deepest values.

Professionals and Leaders

We support you to improve your ability to deliver results with and through other people, while also developing talent. Professionals in fields such as law, medicine, finance and relationship management, have found our work particularly intriguing and relevant.


We introduce you to new distinctions and coaching competencies in the domain of somatics, emotions and language, bringing a fresh perspective to your coaching.


We offer an opportunity for transformational personal growth that is relevant for anybody who is passionate about continuing to develop as a human being.


This program is for people who want to punch through their own barriers, take responsibility and take life by the horns. I cannot recommend it enough, no matter your life or career stage.

Jorrit Pranger

Senior Vice President

Prudential Assurance Company, Singapore

The ‘unique’ approach to self-discovery and the support of high-performing leaders who embarked on the journey with me made the experience impactful, even for someone who has gone through a number of coaching programs over the years. The transformation comes from within.

Mike Mabalay

Chief Transformation Officer

Pru Life UK

I have transformed so much at the personal level especially my health, my relationship with my family and my team after the 4 months program.

Yap Siok Hoon

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Eastspring Investments Berhad

I can say with absolute conviction that this workshop has been life changing for me and I will never forget what I felt and realized. The most surprising thing is that, it’s not just me that this workshop has influenced but my family and friends as well. A once in a lifetime experience that perhaps only a few actually get the benefit of is how I would describe it. Very grateful.

Sunit Parikh

Senior Global Manager of Finance, Specialty Blacks Business

Birla Carbon

The program helps you see all the “noise” that you truly don’t care about. It helps you see that ego, that image of a leader you’ve created for yourself and that you fight so hard to defend. The program makes you reflect and identify the triggers of why you do what you do.

Beatriz Landa

Plant manager

Greensboro for Novelis

I got an invaluable amount of self-awareness, which has literally changed my life. I turned a mirror on myself, and was able to really re-build my confidence. This has made a great change to me, my family and everyone I work with. It's given me great direction!

Nikki Quinn

Deputy Chief Operations Officer