Coach Training Programs

At The Coach Partnership, we teach coaching like no other school, and our graduates become extraordinary personal and executive coaches. We teach a simple yet encompassing model for coaching, developed and refined by Newfield over the last three decades — Ontological Coaching. This approach to coaching transforms your worldview and capacity for action while teaching you to coach others for meaningful and sustainable change.

The Coach Partnership’s Coach Training Programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). All of our programs are designed to challenge your interpretations of learning, change, and life and catalyze new abilities to learn and lead.

Ontological Coaching

The Coach Partnership offers the Newfield coach training program which consists of three, in-person conferences and are led by an international team of experienced, skilled facilitators and certified coaches.

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Health Coaching Program

The Coach Partnership Health Coaching certification allows graduates of the Newfield Coaching Program to continue their learning and specialise in the growing field of Health and Wellness coaching.

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Performance Coaching Workshop

This two day workshop is designed to explore Performance Coaching; a particular style and form of conversation that is ideal when a staff member or stakeholder wants to focus on developing a specific behaviour or reaching a specific target.

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Why The Coach Partnership?

• The Newfield program is recognized as the premier coach training offer in Singapore and Asia. Our program coaches are ICF certified (PCC or above) and are selected from our world-wide network of experienced practitioners.

• Unlike most other training schools who offer one or maybe two trainers, we offer a training team of five subject matter experts from around the globe: USA, South America and UK.

• A senior, diverse and dynamic participant group.

• An active alumni network supported by follow up programs, learning activities and coaching services.

Ontological Coaching Testimonials

The experience has been “defining” for me in more ways than one. I would not trade this for anything on planet earth. The beauty of it all is that we are just beginning to explore, beginning to observe differently, beginning to accept and beginning to make a difference with a new way of being.

D N Prasad

Senior Director - Strategy, People and Organization

GovTech Singapore

One of the best coaching certification programs

While my motivation was purely work related, the outcome became a total transformation in how I show up at work but also in my private life. I can warmly recommend the course to anyone who looks to do small adjustments in their life for a massive output.

Susanne Arfelt

Vice President


Coach training programs accredited by ICF

An ontological coach is a skillful facilitator of learning that generates genuine transformation and more powerful and constructive ways of engaging with different aspects of life and work. With this coaching skill, I have improved on my interaction with peers, staff and senior management, and even facilitate the development of new leaders.

Christine Wu

Senior Manager

National University Hospital System, Singapore

I found that the conversations I have with our leaders and the team have become very different, simply because the way I perceive situations is different. Post ontological coaching, I started to look at problems from other perspectives and new actions presented themselves. The outcomes of coaching in business is exponential.

Tricia Duran

Head of HR

Unilever Asia Pte Ltd

It gave me more awareness about who I am as an individual. I saw the difference between mechanical coaching from just using language to coach somebody, but seeing how our language is connected with the emotions and with the body was very unique for me.

Rozan Anwar (Idan)


PT DayaLIma Abisatya

I expected to just learn how to coach but ended up with so much more... being set free from a crippling mindset to discovering a new passion in coaching and partnering others on their individual journeys to become the best version of themselves at their workplaces, homes and social settings.

Michele Lum

Chief Leadership Officer & Head, Strategic Communications

Petronas ICT Snd Bhd