Leadership Programs

Our leadership development programs (run by sister company The Works Partnership) have developed a reputation over the last 20+ years for being highly challenging and impactful. Our workshops focus on self-awareness and the “being” of a leader and are always supported by in-depth coaching over a period of months, to allow for changes to be practiced and embedded.

Top Team Interventions

The ontological methodology is a natural fit for working with teams. Our top team interventions are highly tailored to the specific needs of the client and are experiential in nature. Typical initiatives include:

• Team Dynamics and Relationships
• Leading In Times Of Transition
• Purpose and Vision
• Health, Wellness & Resilience

Executive Coaching

We offer Executive Coaching on a global basis, all our coaches are ontologically trained and certified with a high level of experience.We train all our coaches to be great coaches in any domain whether it be to coach in the broad domains of life coaching or specifically in the organisational setting of executive coaching or team coaching. If you are looking to hire the services of a coach, whether it be a life coach, executive coach, or team coach, The Coach Partnership will help connect you to some of the very best.

Internal Coach Training

Engaging and practical workshops for leaders and managers who wish to add a coaching approach to their interactions. This approach often functions as part of an overall organisational “coaching culture” initiative. We create bespoke coach training programs for corporations who wish to train their own managers or HR team. Our programs run from 2 to 5 days depending on the depth and scope of training.

Coach Supervision

Supervision provides a safe space for coaches to reflect, receive insight and support on their work. This enables them to work better in the service of their clients and helps them navigate difficult issues or unfamiliar territory with professional guidance and ethics in mind.

Corporate Wellness

We offer wellness talks and programs for companies looking to educate and increase the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of their employees. Our programs can run from a few hours to 5 days, with options for wellness coaching by our certified health coaches. We address modifiable lifestyle factors - nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and relationships, bringing in principles from neuroscience, psychology and medicine.

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Corporate Training Testimonials

This program is for people who want to punch through their own barriers, take responsibility and take life by the horns. I cannot recommend it enough, no matter your life or career stage.

Jorrit Pranger

Senior Vice President

Prudential Assurance Company, Singapore

The ‘unique’ approach to self-discovery and the support of high-performing leaders who embarked on the journey with me made the experience impactful, even for someone who has gone through a number of coaching programs over the years. The transformation comes from within.

Mike Mabalay

Chief Transformation Officer

Pru Life UK

I have transformed so much at the personal level especially my health, my relationship with my family and my team after the 4 months program.

Yap Siok Hoon

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Eastspring Investments Berhad

I can say with absolute conviction that this workshop has been life changing for me and I will never forget what I felt and realized. The most surprising thing is that, it’s not just me that this workshop has influenced but my family and friends as well. A once in a lifetime experience that perhaps only a few actually get the benefit of is how I would describe it. Very grateful.

Sunit Parikh

Senior Global Manager of Finance, Specialty Blacks Business

Birla Carbon

The program helps you see all the “noise” that you truly don’t care about. It helps you see that ego, that image of a leader you’ve created for yourself and that you fight so hard to defend. The program makes you reflect and identify the triggers of why you do what you do.

Beatriz Landa

Plant manager

Greensboro for Novelis

I got an invaluable amount of self-awareness, which has literally changed my life. I turned a mirror on myself, and was able to really re-build my confidence. This has made a great change to me, my family and everyone I work with. It's given me great direction!

Nikki Quinn

Deputy Chief Operations Officer