Health Coach Certification Program

The Coach Partnership Health Coach certification program, the global standard for Health and Wellness coaching, allows coaches to continue their learning and specialise in the growing field of Health and Wellness coaching. Successful graduates of the program earn the designation “Certified Health Coach through The Coach Partnership.” Participants will also earn 48 Continuing Coach Education hours (pending renewal) with the ICF. The program is a completely virtual learning experience over a period of 5 months.

Join us for this ground-breaking program that integrates traditional as well as complementary medical knowledge, with the latest in behavioral change theories and ontological coaching so that you can support your clients to build and sustain health and well-being in their lives. As a health coach, your focus is not to diagnose or treat clients but rather, to walk with them on their wellness journey and help them create sustainable steps towards their vision of health. The Coach Partnership Health Coach Certification Program is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training and Education Program by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Qualified candidates may then choose to go on to take the examination to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (USA).

The Four Pillars of Health Coaching

• The Coach Partnership Health Coaching Process
• Health and Wellness Basics
• Behaviour Change Theories and Strategies
• Ethics

Katrina Gisbert Tay, MD, NBC-HWC

Katrina Gisbert Tay, MD, NBC-HWC is a medical doctor with a passion for bringing together the fields of psychology, medicine and coaching. She is an Integrative Health Coach certified by Duke Integrative Medicine (USA), a certified coach supervisor and the first person in Singapore to take and pass the National Board examination for Health and Wellness coaches. Dr. Kat has her own coaching practice in Singapore and continues her learning in Functional Medicine. She is also a program coach for the Newfield coach training program in Singapore and is the core design faculty for this program.

Marcus Marsden

Marcus Marsden, PCC is the managing partner of The Coach Partnership. He specializes in facilitating leadership development and personal growth. In addition to his ICF certification, Marcus holds the highest level of performance nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition and brings more than 30 years of business and management experience to his coaching. In 2016 he co-authored a ground breaking book with his wife: “Fit to Lead” – a book that pioneers the importance of the body in leadership and performance.

Program Details

The Health Coaching Certification Program spans 5 months, open to graduates of the Newfield Coaching Training Program as well as graduates of ICF (or equivalent) certified coach training programs. This is a completely virtual program. You will need a laptop and reliable internet access.

Dates: Oct 11, 2021 to Feb 18, 2022

Upon completion of the program requirements, all graduates are eligible for ICF CCE units. There are additional requirements to be eligible for the National Board exam for non Newfield graduates.

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Health Coaching Testimonials

This health coaching program holds the space for genuine and passionate group exploration of the concept of health, covering disease and wellness. It is time for a conversation of health in the world, beyond disease and disease prevention.

Dr. Goh Yen Seow Benjamin

Consultant, Department of Urology

National University Hospital

This course is content rich, with Doctors and thought leaders leading the conversations. In addition, I learned what I could do to improve my own health and wellness so I could feel healthy, happy and able to work at my peak energy.

Carolyn Keyes, PCC

Executive Coach

Velocity Plus

By participating in this training, I have become more skilled in supporting my clients to seamlessly weave their health concerns into an overarching coaching plan. The program is professional, comprehensive and immediately applicable to your coaching practice, as well as your own health goals.

Jill Van Note, PCC

Executive and Developmental Coach

Jill Van Note Coaching and Facilitation