Our Key Distinctions

The Coach Partnership work is based on the ontological coaching model which is one of the most respected and effective modalities of coaching available today. Ontology is defined as the “study of being.” When someone enlarges the way they “view” themselves and the world around them, they begin to see new possibilities and, as a result new, sustainable results become available to them. This growth occurs in the three fundamental domains of being human: the body (somatics), emotions and language.

Body (Somatics)

Human beings live in a body and the way we move through space and time is another major (and often overlooked) factor in how we "see" or take action in our world. The ability to shift transparent physical habits is often cited by graduates as their key outtake from the program.


Humans are emotional beings and live in moods. These moods and emotions predispose us to take certain actions and to not take others. The ability to identify and shift moods is fundamental to powerful living, leadership and coaching.


Human beings live in language and it is language that generates the reality we experience. The ability to create more effective conversations is a key part of our work.