The Mark J. Hemstedt Scholarship

The Mark J. Hemstedt Scholarship fund provides scholarships or assistance to remarkable people within the community who would otherwise not be in a position to attend our programs. Sales of our coaching intake questionnaire, The Lenses, go toward this endeavour.

Benber Dayao Yu (Ben)

Benber Dayao Yu (Ben), is a vibrant, enthusiastic and passionate individual with a life mission to create smiles in the communities he works with. A well rounded individual with a degree in Bachelor in Science, Mathematics and an IAAF Diploma CECS Level II Coach for Track and Field. Ben uses his formal training to teach and coach the less fortunate to build life skills that will empower them to build a better life.

For the past 21 years, Ben has helped small communities in the Philippines create libraries, donate food, provide school supplies and create events that bring joy and hope into the communities.

As a track and field coach for 19yrs, Ben is currently coaching more than 100 athletes  in Singapore, with more than 20 athletes on full sponsorship. Ben takes pride in his work and the results show it. Recently one of his sponsored athletes, Mark Brian Louis, won gold in the 400m hurdles event, at The Asian Youth Athletics Championship (Hong Kong). Many of his other students are Singaporean national Champions in track & field.

"It is an honour and privilege to be chosen to receive the Mark J. Hemstedt Scholarship, and attend the Newfield Coach Training Program. I am delighted to learn from leaders of ontological coaching, and to know that this program will not only improve my skills to engage with my community, but also impact their lives and many others."

Siska Suri

Siska Suri is a woman who is very passionate about social and personal development. Her own personal development journey began in 2012, when she was a participant in a self-awareness program, run by a company that she then went on to join herself. This step allowed her to focus on making powerful contributions to the journeys of other people, and to her community as a whole.

Her experience of working in this way with the community in Jakarta has furthered the development of her vision: "Giving for a Living", where she supports other, less fortunate women to find their own passion and purpose in the world.

"Coaching is one of my passions, and to attend Newfield has been my dream for a long time. When I was offered the MJH scholarship I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity to make my dream come true.

Supported by great coaches from all over the world, I learned the distinctions of Body, Emotion and Language and became curious in how I and others show up in the world through these domains.

In this journey, I gained awareness and knowledge of how to powerfully observe myself, as well as the people around me. It has been an amazing experience to learn with the best and become close with my wonderfully diverse group of fellow participants. It has been an insightful, enriching and life changing experience that I will always cherish

Nilushika Silva Jayaweera

Our first scholarship was granted in 2017 to an incredible woman – Nilushika Silva Jayaweera from Sri Lanka. Nilu and her younger siblings were left alone in an orphanage when she was 14 to take care of her siblings. She left Sri Lanka on her own to become a Foreign Domestic Worker (maid) in Singapore. On her one day off per week she enrolled in self-development classes and courses on entrepreneurship and business management. She also volunteered in organisations that support, inspire and empower women.

Passionate about supporting her family and other women in Sri Lanka, Nilu started her own e-commerce business – Nilu Tea. She has since returned to Sri Lanka where she runs her business and NGO – Emerging Hope Lanka.

We at The Coach Partnership are proud to work with her and look forward to her adding the qualification of credentialed coach to her impressive list of achievements.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, for the MJH Scholarship complete the form below: